Free Download: Laundry Care Labels

Free laundry care labels

Free laundry care labels


Want to ensure your handmade gift doesn't end up shrunken to Barbie Doll size? If so, you can download, print and attach one of these lovely laundry care labels that I have made. It's a PDF sheet of 16 labels, and includes most of the common washing and drying instructions for yarn (or handmade fabric) garments. Plus, if you are like me and you use Moo Minicards as gift tags on your projects, then you'll be pleased to know that these are 'Moo-sized' so you can print off a sheet, cut them out and store them in your Minicards box along with your gift tags. Oh yes, I am ALL ABOUT convenience. But you don't have to use a Moo card with these labels, as they are pretty on their own. Attach with a satiny ribbon or some sparkly yarn, and any gift recipient will be happy (and informed, too). I printed mine on some subtle shimmer paper from Paperchase, and they look like the dog's bollocks. (Actually, I have never seen a dog with sparkly privates).

The sheet is printable on A4 or US Letter sized paper, and I have included 2 variations of each label: one says Care Instructions at the top, and the other says Handmade for you. So you can choose whichever one expresses your mood that day. Or maybe use them depending on how literal you need to be with the recipient; you know how some people need to have things spelled out for them.

I have also made the sheet so it has multiple copies of the Hand Wash Only / Dry flat version, because I tend to use natural fibres in my projects. But worry not, acrylic-crocheters and superwash-knitters, there are labels to fit your projects, too.


Full list of care labels included:

  • Hand wash only / Dry flat (6 per sheet)

  • Machine wash cold, gentle / Dry flat (2 per sheet)

  • Machine wash cold, gentle / Tumble dry, low heat (2 per sheet)

  • Machine wash warm, gentle / Dry flat (2 per sheet)

  • Machine wash warm, gentle / Tumble dry, low heat (2 per sheet)

  • Machine wash warm / Tumble dry, low heat (2 per sheet)

Of course each label has a marker to indicate where to cut and where to punch the hole, so even if you're Scissors-Impaired or are better at punching criminals in videogames than punching holes, you will be A-OK with these babies. Ask an adult to help ;-)

Righty-ho my fellow craftsters, here is the download, so help yourself! And if you have other yarn whore (or sewing slut) friends, send 'em this way so they can get a copy, too.