Double Trouble Infinity Scarf

Stashbusting time! I have had this yarn so long it is now discontinued. I originally bought it back when I was still doing more knitting than crochet, and I had a warm hat that I wanted to make matching scarf and mittens for. Fast forward 5 years (yes, I know it's pathetic!) but I am finally trying to reduce my yarn stash, and with a pink-lover's birthday coming up, I figured now is the time to finally use up my Cashsoft yarn - after all, what gift recipient doesn't want a bit of cashmere in her life? I was inspired by the Double Twist Cowl, and in fact I bought the pattern with every intention of making it exactly as shown. But I then thought the colours of this yarn might look grandmotherly in that lace pattern, so I decided to butch things up a bit by using SC, HDC, and Dc - ch1 lattice.

I think it looks pretty good, and definitely has reduced the granny quotient.