Not your average wreath


It's nearly Christmas, and I wanted to make a wreath for our front door, but since our door is duck-egg blue, I have been thinking that most Christmassy things will look a bit odd / clashy. And of course, I always like the idea of using crochet whenever possible! So I dug around for ages on Pinterest and Ravelry and found the Simple Statement Wreath, which looks nice, but not quite the look I was going for. I decided to use this pattern as a starting point, and then make some embellishments from other patterns and from my head. I followed the pattern but instead of the ruffled edge, I did this:

First, ensure you have an even number of stitches/wraps. If not, add another one. Row 2: sc around Row 3: sl, hdc all the way around.

I embellished with flowers and leaves from 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet and Crochet Adorned. I also improvised a crochet butterfly using 28gauge craft wire and beads, and added a few extra beads elsewhere, too. I attached the flowers and leaves to the foam wreath form using pearl-headed sewing pins which look like bead accents.

I was inspired by fellow Ravellers Lindamade and LifeMadeCreations, who both did some pretty awesome mods based on the Simple Statement Wreath.

The photo here is in my bathroom, not on my front door... yet! Not quite Christmas season, but when I get it hung I must remember to take a pic to post here.