Peacock Neckwarmer (free pattern mod)


I got some simply stunning Collinette Graffiti yarn from Loop, and it has been crying out to be used somehow. As it cost more than the GNP of Ecuador (well, not quite, but close!), I could only afford 1 skein. I wanted to use it on its own, to let the yarn really stand out, so when I saw this project on Ravelry, I knew I had to adapt it for this yarn. I have put the instructions for making this on Ravelry. It's more a modification than a pattern, but in case you aren't a Ravelry member, and you want to make it, here you go:

Peacock Neckwarmer

(a riff on the Fleuri bag pattern from Crochet Me)

INSTRUCTIONS: Work first 4 rounds of Fleuri pattern, then fasten off according to instructions (sc in next st, sl st, then fasten). Follow pattern instructions for petals, working in a spiral from the centre. Fasten off.

For the neck piece: Make a really really l-o-n-g chain, and lay it out on a table in a decreasing zig-zag (pyramid). Make sure that the shortest and longest lengths are the desired size for your neck/chest; adjust if necessary. I used stitch holders on the left and right side to pick up the piece and try it on. Slide the point of the stitch holder through one of the stitches on the chain at each end to ensure the lengths of chain string stay in place.

Once you’re happy with the number and length of chain strings, sew one side to the back of the flower by sliding the chain off the stitch holder one length at a time, and sewing them in a vertical line.

The other side will be fastened to the flower using a button.

Make a single button placket with 1 button hole:

  • Count the number of chain lengths on your stitch holder, and make a chain with this number of chain stitches.

  • Join the neckpiece chain to this chain by sliding 1 length off the stitch holder at a time, and connecting it to the button placket chain with sc stitches,

  • SC across. On the next row, SC across but make a buttonhole in the middle (I did it by sc across except making 2 chain in the middle and skipping 3 stitches, then SC across the rest).

  • SC across and fasten off. Weave in ends.

Sew a button to the back of the flower. Weave in all ends & Bob’s your uncle.