Smiley Ice Cream Cone

Well, after failing to finish a crocheted sweater in time for Richard & Azka's new baby girl Jazmin, I have finally gotten around to making something for her... but she's already too big now. So much for the sweater; it will have to wait for another baby (it's actually a really annoying pattern/project, but I digress!). So I decided to make her a cute cuddly toy: an ice cream cone with a smiley face. I gave it to her as a present when we went out for lunch at Pollen Street Social - which I heartily recommend as a yummy and kid-friendly place to sip cocktails and eat tasty nosh. But I'm digressing again! Um, so back to the story of this post: the ice cream cone. I think it turned out pretty OK, but the smiley is a bit wonky. I'm not brilliant at sewing and I think it shows. I chose to use sewn eyes instead of plastic ones as it's for a baby, and I think I made them too far apart. But Jazmin seemed pleased with it anyway. Although the wrapping it came in was equally exciting. Babies are a lot like cats in that way.

Here is is in all its strawberry-flavoured-chocolate-covered-cherry-topped glory: