I’m exhibiting the results of my year-long photography project called The London A to Z Project. The project was an exploration into the unknown: every month for a year, I would photograph a different part of London based on where a flipped coin landed on the A to Z atlas. The exhibition runs from 11 […]

Next month I will be running a free workshop on using Photoshop for portrait photography. If you are just starting out with Photoshop or Elements and are confused by it all, or you’ve had a play around and want to tighten up your skills, this workshop is for you. It is designed to cover all […]

I’ve been a member of The Camera Club for a little while now, and I have now been nominated to serve on the Committee this year. How exciting! I think this means it’s official that I am a photography geek, though it’s a title I welcome. I will mainly be helping make sure the Club […]