I’m exhibiting the results of my year-long photography project called The London A to Z Project. The project was an exploration into the unknown: every month for a year, I would photograph a different part of London based on where a flipped coin landed on the A to Z atlas. The exhibition runs from 11 […]

Many thanks to all the lovely people from The Camera Club who came to my Lightroom workshop last night. Hopefully the workshop helped to explain some of the powerful tools in Lightroom, and how it can really speed up your photographic workflow. Here are the notes and the keyboard shortcut cheat sheet: Introduction to Lightroom […]

My latest workshop for The Camera Club is called Digital Workflow for Beginners, and we covered a lot of ground in just 1 evening: everything from getting files onto the computer, previewing images in Bridge, editing RAW files and basic retouching. Attendees to the workshop can feel free to download my notes here: Digital Workflow […]

Photography as grandma therapy

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My husband sent me this link, and it just shows how much fun photography can be, and how uplifting it can be for those involved. The story is this… French photographer Sacha Goldberger’s 91-year old grandmother was feeling lonely and depressed. Sacha decided to try to cheer her up by doing some photos of her […]

I’d like to thank everyone who braved the snow last night and came out to The Camera Club for our workshop on Photoshop Composites. I hope everyone learned something! Here are the notes from the session, which include some links to places to download free textures and brushes: Photoshop Composites Workshop Notes (PDF – right […]

I’m very honoured to be exhibiting 2 prints of my work as a part of the 125th Anniversary Exhibition at The Camera Club. The show is called Continuum, as it features work from Club Members from past and present. Founded in 1885, The Camera Club is one of the longest-running photographic societies in the world, […]

Photos from Festinho 2010

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I’m pleased as punch to donate my time as one of Festinho‘s official photographers. Festinho is a simply marvelous little charity music festival, where all proceeds raised go to support the ABC Trust and their amazing work with Brazil’s underprivileged children. I think Festinho is pretty special: I don’t think there is any other festival […]

A huge thanks to all the members of The Camera Club who came out last night to attend my workshop. We even had to pull in a few extra chairs – I had no idea it would prove so popular. I look forward to running additional workshops in future, so if you have ideas of […]

Next month I will be running a free workshop on using Photoshop for portrait photography. If you are just starting out with Photoshop or Elements and are confused by it all, or you’ve had a play around and want to tighten up your skills, this workshop is for you. It is designed to cover all […]

I’ve been a member of The Camera Club for a little while now, and I have now been nominated to serve on the Committee this year. How exciting! I think this means it’s official that I am a photography geek, though it’s a title I welcome. I will mainly be helping make sure the Club […]