Basket for Setsuko

I’m going to visit my family in Japan, so I want to be sure to bring something nice as a gift. I also want to take […]

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Recycled jeans & plastic container gift box

I hate to throw away plastic containers, so I recycled another one to make a cute gift box for homemade cookies this Christmas. I also used […]

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How to make a wine cooler from an old sweater

Oh how I do love to recycle old things and turn them into new things. This wine cooler is actually the sleeve from an old charity […]

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Knitted flowerpot from a recycled M&S biscuit tub

My fantabulous friend Ruth had a birthday and asked her friends to give her plants, as she’s stocking up her garden. I have known Ruth for […]

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crochet bag from japanese pattern

Japanese crochet books ROCK

Last November when I went to visit my family in Japan, I had a hard time withholding from buying every single craft book in the country. […]

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Recycled denim bowl – made from jeans

Every so often, my girlfriends have a clearout of our closets and we have a Girlie Swap Shop: we all bring the clothes we don’t want […]

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