Super Soaker Towel

I bought a mega huge mammoth skein of Lily Sugar & Cream cotton when I went to visit my mother back in Texas a few years ago, and I have tried a couple of projects with it, only to find it wasn’t the right yarn/pattern combo. So after receiving a lovely knitted dishcloth from a friend, I thought that I’d make a hand towel with the thick, absorbent cotton. This pattern has a the added benefit of being called Daily Grind, which I kinda like. It’s good to have a sense of humour when it comes to housework!

I kinda like the way it turned out, but it’s not as absorbent as I had hoped. Maybe it needs washing without fabric softener. Plus the holes mean the towel keeps getting stuck on our towel rail. Hmm. Semi-successful project, I’d say.

Well, at least it looks pretty in the photo (well I think it does, anyway!).

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Miko Coffey
Miko Coffey
Miko is addicted to crafting, and can often be found late at night drooling over Ravelry, or muttering "just one more row...". At last count, she had 187 different kinds of yarn in her stash, and is currently seeking storage for more. Ch2 and turn.