Christmas ornaments galore!

This year I decided to make lots of crochet Christmas ornaments as gifts for friends and family. Some of them were given as gift sets (shown pictured together). They are all based on different patterns found on my Christmas Crochet Pinterest Board, so if you like the look of these or want more inspiration and free crochet patterns, then head on over to Pinterest tout suite! All the pins on that board link directly to free patterns.

I’m not sure which one is my favourite, but I am thinking it might just be the teddy bear, because she’s so cute. Which one do you like best?


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Miko Coffey
Miko Coffey
Miko is addicted to crafting, and can often be found late at night drooling over Ravelry, or muttering "just one more row...". At last count, she had 187 different kinds of yarn in her stash, and is currently seeking storage for more. Ch2 and turn.