Another cupcake pincushion (pink this time)

I loved making that adorable cupcake pincushion so much, I decided to make another one for another friend’s birthday. She’s a crafty gal herself, and EVERYONE likes cake, so I knew she’d like it. She’s also diabetic so I figured this would be one birthday cake she could accept without worry 😉


I think this one turned out just as yummy as the last one, and I like the pink frosting with the brown chocolatey cake…. yummmmmm. The only trouble with these darned cupcakes is that they make me want to eat real cake!

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Miko Coffey
Miko Coffey
Miko is addicted to crafting, and can often be found late at night drooling over Ravelry, or muttering "just one more row...". At last count, she had 187 different kinds of yarn in her stash, and is currently seeking storage for more. Ch2 and turn.